The project objectives consists of the following stages:

• Stage 1 : 100% diversion from landfill - Convert all waste into fuel
• Stage 2 : Syngas extraction from refuse derived fuel by energy efficient Plasma system
• Stage 3 : Power generation, repatriation of power and power transfer upgrades

Waste to Energy System
Stage 1: Rather than lengthy planning procideures and public consultations for incineration plants or subsidised biomass projects, the Eneruel system employs proven zero emission waste conversion technology to be located at satilite "waste conversion" centres.

The waste is processed into a
non-hazardous refuse derived fuel (RDF) that has reduce it's mass by up to 70% and is 100% safe for storage or transport to the central RDF processing site.

The waste conversion units are portable (including housing) and scalable to meet the waste handling requirement.

Stage 2: Employs an energy efficient plasma process for the hydrogen-rich syngas extraction.

Stage 3: The incorporation of Eneruel's unique technologies enable upgrades to gas engines and turbines to handle the hydrogen-rich syngas with no corrision and the efficient power tranfer for repatriation of energy.

Employment of several unique processes applied to certain components can greatly increase the tolerances, reliability and dramatically decrease energy requirement to operate. Therefore presenting a processes that can not only cope with extreme tolerances but operate well within parameters, offering a far more reliable and consistant processes.

There are many waste handling or waste to energy proposals that have stalled in planning and public consultation. Fears of emissions polluting the skyline and the increase in waste traffic create concern and doubt for those that populate the surrounding areas. The processes above enable a completely different approach, decentralising waste management, reducing the waste handling footprint and disruption.

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